20 Dark Chocolate Recipes To Add To Your Fall Lineup

Though miso may not seem like an obvious inclusion to a chocolate dessert (and, in fact, seem like a rather odd one) this miso chocolate lava cake proves that the salty paste can really shine in a baked good. The white miso paste adds an incredibly rich, savory undertone to the dessert, along with notes of nuttiness that pair exceptionally well with the chocolate. While chocolate certainly is the main flavor profile here, the miso adds an unexpected savory burst that helps balance out all of the ooey-gooey goodness.

This recipe yields four individual lava cakes, so it’s ideal as a family dessert or for a small dinner party. These lava cakes are more time-sensitive than your typical dessert, seeing as you’ll want to serve them very shortly after they get out of the oven to optimize the gooey lava effect. As long as you get the timing right, then there’s no doubt that these lava cakes will impress your date, friends, or even just your own taste buds.

Recipe: Miso Chocolate Lave Cake

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