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Britney is having her long-awaited comeback moment, and it’s giving me serious nostalgia. After being vocal about mental illness and putting an end to her conservatorship, she’s been on a mission to reclaim her life.

She married and separated from former boyfriend Sam Asghari, released a brand new song with will.i.am, and set a release date for her upcoming tell-all memoir. I love reading memoirs, so I’m over-the-moon about this news — especially when it comes to Britney’s elusive life pre-, during, and post-conservatorship.

If you’re still waiting on your copy of The Woman in Me, here’s a deeper look at a few of the mic drop moments from the book.

When did Britney release ‘The Woman in Me?’

True to the Instagram post shared over the summer, The Woman in Me hit stores October 24, 2023.

What does Britney say about her relationship with Justin in “The Woman in Me?”

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After reading People’s article about the bombshell Britney dropped about her relationship with Justin Timberlake, I couldn’t wait to read it in the book. As promised, Britney dives into the short time she dated Justin and revealed she became pregnant at one point. Although Britney was ready to do whatever it took to care for their baby together, Justin wasn’t as thrilled. This led her to ultimately have an abortion. In the book she writes, “If it had been left up to me alone, I never would have done it. And yet Justin was so sure that he didn’t want to be a father.”

Truthfully, they were young at the time but that doesn’t excuse what happened before they were faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

What happened leading up to Britney’s pregnancy?

Despite the fact the two only dated from 1999 to 2002, Britney and Justin’s relationship was full of ups and downs. Britney admitted to cheating on Justin but she also said nothing compared to how often Justin cheated on her. From there, she talked about harsh double standards that were placed on her as a result of “Cry Me a River” and acknowledged Justin essentially profited off her shame. Fans already speculated that the song was about her, which made the public begin having a negative view of Britney. Ironically, Justin never stepped in to stop his fanbase from being negative but later issued an apology on Instagram about how his silence caused more harm than good.

I wasn’t expecting her to drop such a huge reveal about their relationship but I also believe the truth is what sets us free.

Does she talk about her marriage to Kevin Federline?

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Aside from her very public relationship with Justin Timberlake, Britney talked about her introduction to Kevin Federline and revealed more about their downfall. It was heartbreaking to read about another mother’s struggle with postpartum depression and her partner’s desire to paint her as – you guessed it – a villain. Britney and Kevin may not be in the harsh place they once were but it’s hard to forget how the media jumped at the chance to shame her again.

Does Britney reveal other shocking moments?

One thing is certain – Britney is very generous about sharing her truth. From detailing her strained relationship with her dad Jamie Spears to getting candid about her mental health, there’s not much Britney is willing to hide from readers. There were moments where I could feel her glimmer of lighten dampen a bit as she recalled painful stories but she quickly regains it with each chapter.

Who’s narrating “The Woman in Me” audiobook?

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Emmy winner Michelle Williams narrates Britney Spears’ The Woman in Me, and it’s *way* more than your average audiobook reading. One portion of the memoir in particular is going viral for Michelle’s impression of Justin Timberlake on the day Justin and Britney ran into singer Ginuwine in New York City.

“J got all excited and said so loud, ‘Oh yeah, fo’ shiz fo’ shiz, Ginuwine, what’s up homie?’” Michelle reads. “After Ginuwine walked away, [Britney’s assistant] Felicia did an impression of J: ‘Oh yeah, fo’ shiz fo’ shiz, Ginuwine.’ J wasn’t even embarrassed. He just took it and looked at her like, OK, f*ck you Fe.’”

Naturally, the internet loved it. “Five time academy award nominee Michelle Williams saying ‘fo-shiz fo-shiz what’s up homie!’ is art,” one X user tweeted.

“When Michelle Williams wins the best audiobook recording grammy for this line reading what then,” another user says.

But Justin isn’t the only clip that went viral. Throughout the book, Britney also mentions her sister Jamie Lynn Spearsand Mariah Carey, and Michelle did not disappoint.

Will there be an adaptation of “The Woman in Me?”

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As if Michelle Williams’ spot-on narration isn’t enough, there are rumors circulating that several A-Listers have their eyes on producing a version of The Woman in Me. Are you screaming yet? Good — we are too.

Page Six recently reported Reese Witherspoon. Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt are ready to bring Britney’s memoir to the big screen. However, one source revealed to the outlet that nothing has become official just yet. Things are “…only beginning to take shape,” they said.

I can only imagine who’d be cast as Britney if we get to see moments from The Woman in Me appear onscreen. Until we know more, you and I will have to wait patiently to see who will be the lucky producer.

Final thoughts about “The Woman in Me”

Being vulnerable is never easy, especially as a celebrity. Like I wrote in “Here’s Why Jada Pinkett Smith Isn’t The Villain In Her Marriage,” people forget entertainers are still humans. Sure, they may a certain status that affords them a life in the spotlight but they surely don’t deserve to be treated with disrespect.

It’s heartbreaking that she experienced a rocky childhood and even rockier relationships, but I hope she feels a little freer now that The Woman in Me is out in the world. As far as the belief that celebrities should get a journalinstead of writing memoirs, it’s no different than us sharing our opinions on social media. We all want to be heard in some capacity or another.

To form your own opinion about Britney, bee sure to order your copy of The Woman in Me today:

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