2023 International Vegan Film Festival and Vegan Cookbook Contest Unveil Outstanding Winners in Toronto

TORONTO, CANADA – November 17, 2023 – The 2023 International Vegan Film Festival and Vegan Cookbook Contest, held in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, was held on November 16th with a celebration of outstanding creativity in vegan storytelling and culinary artistry. This year’s event brought together an international community passionate about promoting a plant-based lifestyle, and the winners truly stood out for their exceptional contributions.

Film Festival Winners:

Public Service Announcement (PSA) Category:

Imogen’s Story

In the Public Service Announcement (PSA) category, “Imogen’s Story” claimed the top spot. This poignant film captivated audiences with its emotionally charged narrative, effectively conveying the core messages of compassion and sustainability that lie at the heart of veganism.

Health and Nutrition Category:

Will strangers drink human breast milk?

“Will strangers drink human breast milk?” emerged victorious in the Health and Nutrition category. This thought-provoking film challenged societal norms and sparked crucial conversations about alternative nutrition sources, showcasing the filmmakers’ dedication to exploring innovative aspects of the vegan lifestyle.

Environmental Protection Category:

The Smell Of Money

“The Smell Of Money” took home the prize in the Environmental Protection category. This film skillfully addressed the environmental impact of our choices, offering a unique perspective on how a plant-based lifestyle can contribute to a more sustainable and ecologically conscious world.

Vegan-Themed Feature Film Category:

WILD BEAUTY: Mustang Spirit of the West

In the Best Vegan-Themed Feature Film category, “WILD BEAUTY: Mustang Spirit of the West” claimed the spotlight. This feature film entertained and educated audiences about the beauty and significance of veganism, earning its well-deserved recognition.

Animal Advocacy Category:

Transfarming Switzerland

“Transfarming Switzerland” triumphed in the Animal Advocacy category, shedding light on the importance of animal rights and advocating for ethical practices in agriculture. The film showcased the filmmakers’ commitment to raising awareness about the treatment of animals in the farming industry.

Vegan Cookbook Contest Winners:

First Place: PlantYou by Carleigh Bodrug

Second Place: PLANT POWERED PLAN TO BEAT DIABETES by Sharon Palmer, aka The Plant-Powered Dietitian

Third Place: Natural Flava: Quick & Easy Plant-Based Caribbean Recipes by Craig and Shaun McAnuff

Honourable Mentions: The Simple Vegan Kitchen by Lauren McNeill and Chinese Homestyle by Maggie Zhu tied for fourth place in this very tight race.

These outstanding cookbooks represent a diverse array of culinary creativity, offering delectable and accessible plant-based recipes to inspire individuals on their vegan journey.

“We are thrilled to honour the incredible talent showcased at the 2023 International Vegan Film Festival and Vegan Cookbook Contest,” said Shawn Stratton, executive director. “These winners have demonstrated the power of storytelling and culinary artistry in promoting the values of compassion, sustainability, and health that are integral to the vegan lifestyle.”

The success of this year’s festival and contest underscores the global enthusiasm for plant-based living and the growing impact of veganism in various creative fields.

For more information about the festival and future events, please visit www.theivff.com.

About the International Vegan Film Festival

The International Vegan Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to celebrating and promoting veganism through the art of filmmaking. By showcasing impactful films, the festival aims to inspire positive change and raise awareness about a plant-based lifestyle’s environmental, ethical, and health benefits.

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