62% of vegans would not date a meat eater, unless they go vegan

A new survey has revealed that the majority of vegans would not date a meat eater unless they’re willing to change… 

Veggly – the world’s leading vegan and vegetarian dating app  –  recently surveyed 8,000 of its users.

It found that a staggering 62 percent of single vegans would rule out dating an ardent meat eater who would never consider removing animal products from their diet.

However, 85 percent of vegan daters said they would date an omnivore who is ‘willing to transition to a plant-based diet but may need some help at the start’.

Meat eaters on a vegan dating app?

As a result, Veggly has launched a brand new category called ‘Looking for help’. It aims to ‘empower and encourage’ those wanting to transition to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle whilst helping them find love or companionship.

By selecting the ‘Looking for help’ category – users show that they are open to the idea of veganism and would like some support in making the switch .

Users who already follow a vegan lifestyle can categorise themselves under the ‘Willing to help’.

Veggly says creating a space where ‘aspiring’ vegans and vegetarians can connect with ‘like-minded individuals’ wil help build a ‘supportive and understanding community’.

‘Help and companionship’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living,  Veggly founder Alex Felipelli said: “Some people aren’t far away from going vegan. They just need some help and companionship along the way.

“That’s why we’ve launched this new category. It’s part of our mission to introduce more people to a plant-based lifestyle and recipes; a new partner or friend can often be the perfect person to make that introduction.”

Felipelli added: “If you’re a vegan whop is willing to help someone make the transition, we say bravo, and than you! Together, we can help create more vegans and save more animals.”


Launched in 2018, Veggly has conquered the vegan dating world and garnered global media attention.

At the time of writing, it has more than one million users and has facilitated around three million VegMatches. It is available throughout the world (in 181 countries) and has been dated into a slew of languages including Spanish, German, French and Italian.

You can download Veggly on Android, iOS, and desktop – or learn more about the app here.

Dating a meat eater – advice from a pro

Georgina Sturmer is a BACP registered counsellor and relationship expert. In conversation with Vegan Food & Living, she said: “So we all know that relationships are all about give and take.

“But sometimes the lines are blurred when it comes to lifestyle choices, and decisions that feel as if they represent something about ourselves.

“What we choose to eat can represent a huge amount about ourselves, whether it’s our religious, philosophical or moral views that come out when we put food on a plate in front of us.”

So, if you have found yourself head over heels for a meat eater – here’s Sturmer’s top tips:

  • If you’re tempted to question the other person’s views, be respectful in how you do so.  Use ‘I’ statements to share how you feel, rather than placing blame on them. And, if you’re going to engage in debate, then make sure that you are just as open to answering questions too.
  • Avoid mocking language to poke fun at the other person’s choices
  • Don’t go on a mission to change the other person. It’s true that we all adapt and change over time, but it’s important to accept that your dietary habits may remain a fundamental difference between the pair of you.
  • Set ground rules so that you’re each able to enjoy your own preferences. This might mean finding restaurants that meet both of your needs. It might mean making time in your social diary so that each of you can go out and enjoy your preferred food with a friend.
  • Remember that not all activities have to involve food. If eating becomes a flashpoint or a distraction, then try and plan outings that don’t necessarily involve a meal.

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