7th annual GIVE Fest helps families get everything they need for Thanksgiving

When people line up this Saturday morning to get their Thanksgiving meal ingredients, it’ll come from all over Maryland.

The turkey’s are from Food Lion, the spices, donated by McCormick to another church who gave them to EP International Ministries, the potatoes, apples, bread, and a whole list of other produce will come from First Fruit Farm, donating 11,000 pounds to GIVE Fest.

“Because we’ve been able to partner with organizations like First Fruits Farm, Food Lion, Burger King, we realize that just like First Fruits Farm wants to help and give back that is our heart. It does take the weight out of the families financial burden. These turkey’s are costing anywhere from 30, 40 dollars per turkey, they’re expensive. Just the seasonings to put on the turkey are expensive. So we’re providing these things, we just want to give back,” said Pastor Keisha T. Jones.

Pastor Jones organizes GIVE Fest as a way to take the burden of coming up with everything needed in a Thanksgiving feast off people’s plates.

“It’s a place where families, youth seniors can get everything they need for Thanksgiving, including the turkey. We’ve been doing this with grateful heart, with our prayers, like First Fruit Farms and others, we’re just really thankful because we don’t want seniors to have to choose between purchasing their prescriptions and trying to buy Thanksgiving meals for trying to gather their loved ones around the table,” Pastor Jones said.

Jones limits the giveaway to one bag per family, which includes 10 pounds of potatoes, an entire turkey, spices from McCormick, gravy, green beans, corn, apples, cabbage, and more.

“We can provide these healthy food options in undeserved areas, in food deserts, where there are not healthy food options,” said Pastor Jones.

GIVE Fest this year is being held at the Burger King at Cold Spring Lane and Reisterstown Road on Saturday, November 18, at 9:00 a.m., but Jones recommends people show up early because there will be a line.

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