A Culinary Delight at India International Trade Fair

New Delhi: If navigating through the shopping extravaganza at the India International Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan leaves you weary, you may head to the food court for a break. A food kaleidoscope from different states, it’s offering Punjab’s hearty dishes, Tamil Nadu’s spicy delights, Kerala’s iconic cuisine, Bihar’s delectable litti-chokha and Lucknow’s aromatic kebabs.Adjacent to halls 4 and 5, an inviting green carpet adorned the area with a variety of food stalls. “It’s like a culinary map of India here — from Punjab’s hearty dishes to Tamil Nadu’s spicy delights like Malabar snacks and crab roast,” remarked Ananya, a visitor navigating through the gastronomic extravaganza.However, not everybody is impressed. Rahul, another visitor, said, “Lucknow’s biryani tasted good, but it seemed more like a distant cousin than the authentic Lucknawi flavour we expected.” In contrast, Kerala’s fish curry turned out to be a hit. But the real superstar was chhole bhature, the north Indian delight being offered at multiple stalls. “I came for Kerala’s iconic Fish curry, but couldn’t resist the charm of chhole bhature — it’s a north Indian delight stealing the show,” exclaimed Rohit, a food enthusiast. Going by the crowd at the these stalls, several others seemed to be indulging in it. As families strolled through the culinary wonderland, children found joy in treats like kulfi, ice-creams and refreshing juices. “The kulfi here is a hit with the kids, and the variety of juices adds to the overall experience,” said Raj, a parent who came to enjoy the fair with his family.Not just food, the organisers have also kept in mind the issue of cleanliness and placed several trash bins strategically to ensure absence of food remnants or used utensils on the ground. “They have done a commendable job. It’s a pleasant surprise at a bustling event like this,” said Nidhi, an annual attendee at the fair.
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