A vegan dinner party menu your friends will love

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Hosting a meat-free dinner party may be daunting at first, but with a little guidance and creativity from the plant-based cooking star Lauren Camilleri, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Like an opening act of a great performance, appetisers set the tone of your dinner party. How about , infused with plant-based dark chocolate? The chocolate adds depth and complexity to the dish, and the hint of its flavour will have your guests talking about it for the rest of the night!

Mexican chocolate nachos Credit: Paradise Kitchen Bali

See how your guests react to this beautifully presented “calamari” made from coconuts! Coconut can mimics the texture of the classic calamari when boiled and then fried. This has so much wow factor that it is worth a try.


Hot and sour coconut calamari Credit: Paradise Kitchen Bali

and are also great appetisers, especially if there are children. The fritters are super crispy, while the sausage rolls cleverly replicate the meaty texture and flavour of classic meat-based sausage rolls.

Pizzas are a delicious, crowd-pleasing option to bring people together at a dinner party. While vegan cheese is readily available in supermarkets, Camilleri’s is a simple recipe for various dishes, from pasta to grilled sandwiches.
Gnocchi is also an easy dish to start on your plant-based cooking journey. Traditionally made with eggs, this recipe uses olive oil instead.

Tomato gnocchi Credit: Paradise Kitchen Bali

This vegan take on carbonara makes ‘bacon’ out of mushrooms, baking them crisp in the oven, while the silken tofu and cashew nuts give rise to the creamy sauce.


Carbonara with shiitake bacon Credit: Paradise Kitchen Bali

If you have the barbecue running, mushrooms are a great ingredient to grill.

Lion’s mane mushrooms can mimic the texture and flavour of a steak when marinated and lightly seared, while oyster mushrooms when threaded onto skewers, make great satay.

There are plenty of ideas from Camilleri when it comes to Asian cuisine. From the classic Indonesian to , even and .

This vegetarian pho is super easy to make, with toasted spices and charred aromatics. Camilleri says to focus on the broth and to play around with the toppings, whether they are blanched vegetables, tofu puffs or something else.


Pho Credit: Paradise Kitchen Bali

And don’t forget dessert!

This by Camilleri is just as delightful as the Italian classic, replicating its soft creaminess with cashews and coconut milk. Dairy-free alternatives will also help cater for those with dietary needs – a perfect recipe to note.

Raw tiramisu cake Credit: Paradise Kitchen Bali

You are never too old for cupcakes, especially if they are fully plant-based. The cake gets its fluffiness from the coconut flour, tapioca flour and almond meal. Decorating the cupcakes together can be a fun way to entertain your guests, especially if there are children.

A meat-free dinner party isn’t just about what’s absent from the table. Rather, it is a celebration of the abundance of flavours, colours, and textures that the plant kingdom can offer.

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