Asda Has Launched a Brand-New Vegan Turkey Roast

Until recent years, Christmas dinner options for vegans were extremely limited. While the rest of the table indulged in all their cheesy, meaty dishes, the plant-based among us were left with a dry, crumbly nut roast or a soggy beetroot wellington. But no more! Year after year, supermarkets have really been upping their vegan game. And this year, Asda might have trumped them all. 

The supermarket has created an entire plant-based roast turkey. And while we can’t vouch for the taste, it certainly looks like the real deal. The ‘OMV! Whole No Turkey’ is Vegan Society-approved and made from a blend of wheat, soya and pea proteins, which give it its meaty texture.

The turkey-style-dish has even gone as far as covering the ‘meat’ with a crispy ‘skin’ coating. And it has somehow managed to create a realistic difference in colouring and flavour between the breast ‘meat’ and the ‘legs’ of the product, with the latter having a darker colour and a richer, juicier taste. Mind blown. 

The product is the impressive centre-piece of Asda’s new collection of 57 vegan Christmas products, including mushroom pigs in smoky aubergine bacon and vegan mince pies. You can pick up the plant-based bird for £6 in stores from December 14.

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