Feed Your Change: healthy meals for busy families

Former nurse, certified health coach and certified nutrition specialist Caitlin Abramovich said she has been able to help more people than ever meet their health goals through her meal preparation business, Feed Your Change. Photo courtesy of Feed Your Change

BATH — For former nurse, certified health coach and certified nutrition specialist Caitlin Abramovich, helping people become healthier has always been a part of her career DNA. In 2018, she hit upon a business plan to help more people than ever meet their health goals — and she found it right in her own kitchen.
“While getting my [health coaching and nutrition specialist] certifications, I needed to bring in money. My friends said, ‘Why not sell your salads?’” Abramovich said of starting her meal preparation service Feed Your Change.
Abramovich said the Feed Your Change menu soon expanded beyond her renowned salads to include a wide array of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert choices. The business model, meanwhile, remained a simple one: Abramovich prepares healthy, homemade meals for pickup to help busy families stay on track with nutrition goals during their hectic work weeks.
Feed Your Change is also unique among meal preparation businesses, she added.
“There is nothing like it,” Abramovich said, noting that Feed Your Change offers a new selection of fresh, gourmet, from-scratch dishes of all styles of cuisine on a weekly basis.
“Anything I think people will want to try,” she laughed. “And everything is portioned out appropriately and is healthy.”
Abramovich said customer favorites include roasted maple turkey bacon Brussels sprouts; grilled sweet potatoes with a spicy honey lime sauce; fresh salads loaded with vegetables, lean protein and low-fat homemade dressings; grilled marinated flank steak, grilled salmon and pork tenderloin entrees; protein power balls; and street corn.
A recent menu featured breakfast egg muffins; a Greek turkey burger and family burger pack; high-protein macaroni and cheese; barbecue chicken salad; a burrito bowl; and desserts including lemon blueberry cheesecake protein pudding and peanut butter cup or triple chocolate overnight protein oats.
Abramovich said entrées cost $15 on average, with fish and steak dishes “a couple dollars more,” which she said is comparable to buying the ingredients at the grocery story, with the added bonus of the meals being hand selected and prepared by a licensed nutritionist.
Plus, there is never an obligation to purchase a certain number of meals.
“You are not locked in, there is that flexibility,” she said. “You can order two meals or 20, as some families do.”
Abramovich said customers can order online daily at feedyourchange.com. Meals are prepared by Abramovich and her staff — sometimes as many as 600 meals a week since moving operations from her home to a commercial kitchen — and are delivered to several pick-up locations each Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Tuesday pickup locations are: Fairlawn West Church, 2095 W. Market St. in Akron, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.; the Medina Buehler’s parking lot, 3626 Medina Road, from 5 to 5:30 p.m.; and the Copley Discount Drug Mart parking lot, 38 S. Medina Line Road, from 5:45 to 6:30 p.m.
Feed Your Change’s Wednesday morning pickup location is outside Ocelot, 4147 Wheatley Road in Richfield from 8 to 8:15 a.m. Home delivery to residents of the Stone Gate neighborhood in Bath is also available.
Abramovich said she texts each customer their pickup details when their order is placed, including the location and who their driver will be.
She added that she is currently offering a 40% discount for first-time customers who enter the code WSL40 at checkout.
“Everything is about getting in a routine,” Abramovich said of why her customers love Feed Your Change. “Our customers are elderly, young people in college, and everything in between. Most of them are working families with kids — everyone is busy and not everybody sits down together at the dinner table like they used to. These meals are putting good things in your body instead of going to a fast-food restaurant.”
Initially balancing the new business venture with her health coaching clients, Feed Your Change recently began to take up enough of Abramovich’s schedule for her to make it her full-time business.
“I loved the meal prep business and it had changed so many lives,” she said. “Nutrition is always key to changing lives.”
Abramovich said she loves the challenge of researching dishes, preparing the meals and delivering them “on time and perfect.”
For more information, visit the Feed Your Change website.


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