Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛 – Tasty & Healthy

ATLANTA, GA — Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits💛 is a signature product of Unique Southern Foods, LLC, which launched in February of 2020 and recently became an top seller in the Grits Category. The grits are also sold at Wayfield Food Stores, Eden Fresh Markets and Common Roots Farmers Market in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits💛 recently expanded to Brazil, Mexico, and Canada and is “Proudly Woman Owned.”

Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits💛 are not only superior in taste, but are good for you, according to the Founder and CEO Sandy Poag, an entertainment entrepreneur whose late mom, Betty J. Ward is featured on the packaging and was her inspiration in creating the healthy grits.

“I created Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛to pay homage to my mom who owned her own Preschool Academy in College Park, Ga. for 30 years and strongly believed that a good education started with a good, healthy meal,” Poag said. “My mom prepared meals from scratch every morning for her students and many of her former students still talk about her home-cooked meals to this day, as well as the educational impact she had on their lives.”

Poag noted that there are limited comfort foods, such as grits, that are heart-healthy. Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛 are gluten free, refined sugar-free, sodium-free, diary-free and plant-based.  The grits can also be cooked fine or creamy. 

“It was extremely important that Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛 be suitable for Diabetic and Vegan diets since both of my parents passed away from diabetic complications,” Poag revealed.

Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛 is getting rave reviews for its natural, delicious flavor, its yellow color and consistent great taste. Poag believes the difference between Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛 and traditional white grits is that they are enticing to the palate and beautiful on a plate. “The grits can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late-night snacks paired with salmon croquettes and grits, fish and grits, shrimp and grits, oxtails and grits, cheese grit cakes and much more.”

The future of Grandma Betty’s Premium Yellow Grits 💛 looks bright. The grits will soon be in Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods and Walmart, and are sure to be a “Game Changer,” according to Poag.   

Unique Sothern Foods, LLC is a diversity/small business classified company in Atlanta. The products are packaged and ready for deliveries in all size capacities to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, military commissaries, colleges and universities, correctional facilities, senior assisted living facilities, casinos, cruise lines, airport restaurants and grocery markets. More information can be found via

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