How do consumers’ perception of healthy drive their purchase habits and product development?

In an exclusive fireside chat on how consumers define healthy​ as part of FoodNavigator-USA’s free-to-attend virtual summit, Futureproofing the Food System​, Nov. 14-16, Kris Sollid, senior director, nutrition communications, IFIC, and Deniz Ataman, deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA will explore the results of IFIC’s 2023 Food and Health survey to better understand the factors contributing to consumers’ perceptions of healthy eating and how this will impact product development.

Cost and taste are primary drivers, FDA labeled products are also influential

Taste and cost are still the top two factors that influence consumers’ food purchasing decisions, according to the IFIC survey. But other factors, such as processed foods, nutrition and sustainability also drive consumers’ purchasing decisions.

More than half of consumers in the IFIC survey said they would buy “healthy” option if it was defined by the FDA. This suggests that consumers are looking for clear and concise guidance on what constitutes a healthy food choice.

Sollid will discuss how food labeling can inform choices and the potential implications for both consumers and manufacturers.

Visit the Futureproofing the Food System​ event page for schedule details, to register​ and attend additional sessions for free on Nov. 14-16.

How companies can leverage social media to improve their messaging

Social media is a major source of food and nutrition information for many consumers. The IFIC survey found that two-thirds of respondents say they trust the content they come across on social media, with Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram being the most common sources.

Sollid will discuss how social media is impacting consumers’ health choices and explore what companies can do to improve their messaging and reduce conflicting information across demographics.

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