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“I’m leaving this retreat with so much love in my heart and an understanding of how POWERFUL us humans Beings actually are.”

Only three months ago and but two weeks before his failed swing at tearing off Filipe Toledo’s bolted-on crown, Griffin Colapinto posted an extraordinarily personal message on Instagram.

Not for nothing is the twenty five year old referred to as the Gandhi of surfing. You’ll remember he helped cool heads following the furore from Brazilian surf fans after he won the Surf Ranch Pro in May.

And so, Griffin Colapinto’s search for meaning amid the chaos of life is unsurprising.

In the lengthy missive (which you can read here), Griffin Colapinto explored his feelings of emptiness and his search for meaning despite becoming the most successful Californian surfer in over thirty years.

Griffin Colapinto explained his pivot to Sādhanā, an ego-transcending spiritual practice from India and the grave warning issued by Kolohe Andino, a believer in the Christian doctrine, who wrote, “No false idols.”

The phrase is loaded as hell and is associated with the Ten Commandments where it warns against worshipping anything other than the divine.

Now, in a new and equally personal confessional, Colapinto has told of falling under the spell of the best-selling author Doc Joe Spinoza, a man who believes a woman’s infertility can be cured by the power of thought and whose chiropractic degree is from an institution that subsequently lost its accreditation for “poor teaching methods.”

Anyway, pour yourself a long glass:

“You are the Source!” writes Griffin Colapinto. “I’d like to share an experience with you guys please. This past week I had the opportunity to go to a week long @drjoedispenza retreat with a collective of 2,000 human beings

Who were all there, either to Heal themselves of life threatening diseases and traumas, or just better themselves as people and to live a happier life. On this retreat we ended up meditating a total of 35 hours and all the other time we were being informed on the PURPOSE and SCIENCE behind these meditations. That way when we went into the meditation we had a strong BELIEF and DIRECTION of what we were doing.

I’ll tell you right now. It was one of the best weeks of my life! I’m leaving this retreat with so much love in my heart and an understanding of how POWERFUL us humans Beings actually are. This Practice is changing the world for the better and that is why I’m sharing.

So, when I first showed up I had a thought that I wouldn’t share this on social media, just due to the fact that I thought I could use this Practice to have an edge on my competitors in my Surf Events.

But as the week went on I realized that would be a very limited thing to do and An Unlimited Person does not behave that way. An Unlimited person shares their secrets.

I learned that to Attract the things we want in our life, it takes a clear intention, an open mind, and an open heart.

It’s also important to walk, talk, and act as the person who has already achieved their dreams. So for instance, I wanna be a world champion surfer. I must walk, talk, and act like it. Do world champions speak negatively, judge, gossip, complain? Those are all limited actions.

So to have the awareness to not fall to the limited and stay unlimited is very important. In these meditations is were we strengthen that awareness. We draw the events to us by changing our bad habits and become a new person.

Then the rest is up to life, god, source, the universe, to Attract your clear intention when you least expect it. In a very MAGICAL way!

Griffin Colapinto continues,

The thing about this retreat that’s really game changing is the science side of it. We learned all about frequency, atoms, molecules, brain waves, energy etc. and the way they play a massive role in our universe.

Witch is a huge part of why this is changing the world! It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or Athiest. The science Is what bridges the gap and unites every one of us.

Another mind blowing experience was the Coherence Healing. We witnessed some very surreal moments in this meditation. All I’ll say is if I had an illness, the first thing I would do is go for a coherence healing.

I mean 2,000 people all in the same room with the same intention to heal those before them by sending them their love energy. Cancer, Tumors, Als, blind, loss of hearing, liver disease, depression and much more. We witnessed these healings first hand!

We are all part of a web, each and every one of us is connected to it. A change or healing in just one person affects the web and Change creates new possibilities. Your personality creates your personal reality!

Clearly our world is not in its best state right now. But don’t worry because there’s a higher consciousness emerging! I saw it and felt it.


Not everyone is quite so taken by the good Doc, however.

Dr. Harriet Hall, aka The SkepDoc, writes: “He is a New Age woo-monger, a gullible believer in an imaginary ‘Quantum Field’ that supposedly responds to human thoughts and intentions. He was featured in the reprehensible movie What the Bleep Do we Know. He has no evidence to support his claims, only testimonials, fanciful hypotheses, and speculations.”

Personally, my take is whatever gets you through the night. Trannies, jock pussy, faith-healers, it don’t matter.

Kelly Slater has Charlie Goldsmith; Griffin Colapinto has Joe Spinoza.

If it works it works. Am I right?

A week-long retreat costs around $2299 ex-tax. Jump on the waitlist for the Cancun experience here. 

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