Man blasted by colleagues for ‘sad’ sandwich he brought into work

One man has gone viral for the ‘sad’ lunch meal he’d brought to work. Fans were quick to react to his meal choice and questioned why he’d whether it was part of a practical joke

People questioned his meal choice (Stock Photo)(Getty Images)

What we eat for our lunch during the work week can vary each day. As much as we try to stick to a healthy balanced diet by packing fruits and vegetables into our lunch boxes, we might sometimes be tempted to bring some highly processed foods or sugary snacks into the office.

However, health experts have shared it’s much better to regularly consume a nutritional meal, as studies have shown that eating in this way will improve your concentration, productivity, and overall mental well-being. Research published by the University of British Columbia highlights the many benefits of eating healthy meals.

“Promoting and/or offering physical activity and proper nutrition at the workplace has been shown to increase activity and improve dietary choices both during and outside of work hours. Further, diet quality and activity levels together play major roles in a person’s overall quality of life”, they shared.

Our meal choices can often impress our colleagues, especially when meal preps look appetising and filling. But one man has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

The man was quizzed over his meal choice – and it was far from nutritional. He raised more than a few eyebrows after his colleague shared a picture of his ‘sad’ meal on some social media, and people were quick to react.

The post, which was shared on the platform X, formerly Twitter, reached over 1.3 million views and has thousands of comments. A number of people were left amused at what was packed in his lunchbox.

The bloke had packed unseasoned rice and three sausages in his food container. But what surprised most people was the fact there were no sauces on his meat.

One person hilariously said: “Better than going hungry.” While another added: “Can just taste the flavours looking at the picture”, followed by a laughing emoji, While a third asked: “Where’s the seasoning?”

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