Mike Chioda Recalls Vince McMahon Always Eating Healthy

– During a recent edition of Monday Mailbag for AdFreeShows, former WWE referee Mike Chioda was asked about the types of food he’d see Vince McMahon eat behind-the-scenes in WWE. According to Chioda, he’d always see McMahon eating health food or protein bars, or steaks from very expensive restaurants, and he’d never see McMahon eating junk food. He stated the following (via WrestlingInc.com):

“There were always all these protein bars set up in his office, protein shakes if he wanted. All healthy s*** bro, every night … His steaks were medium, medium, and rare steak … They’d get it from the best steak houses. They would either get it from catering, or they’d get it sent from one of the best steak houses. Bruno would get it. And it was always something healthy. He and Triple H, Shane, and Stephanie, they all ate healthy as far as … every time in that office, it was always healthy, good food.”

Following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE and merger with UFC into TKO Group Holdings, McMahon is now serving is as the Executive Chairman of the Board of TKO.

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