Tired of tofurkey? Vegan-friendly Thanksgiving recipes from TikTok


It’s that time of year to give thanks for food, glorious food − for everyone!

A vegan or veggie-based Thanksgiving doesn’t mean a bad one. To meat lovers who look forward to a slab of juicy turkey or ham on their plates each holiday season, it might be hard to imagine a Thanksgiving meal without a big roast or bird on the table.

And for some, imagining a dish of dressing made without drippings from the turkey might feel impossible.

But the vegan chefs of TikTok are proving that plant-based versions of your Thanksgiving favorites can be just as mouth-watering and rich in flavor.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best main and side dish recipes that vegan-tok has to offer this holiday season.

What do vegans eat on Thanksgiving?

Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a corner with a bowl of rice and beans, unless that’s what you prefer. There are plenty of meatless and dairy-free recipes for classic dishes like mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese and dressing (or stuffing).

One TikTok search for “vegan Thanksgiving recipes” will bring you to 23-year-old vegan chef @thetofutaylor, whose 100% vegan Thanksgiving spread earned likes from more than 4,000 TikTok users last year.

If you couldn’t believe that the food in that video was vegan (I mean, what vegan meal has that much bubbling cheese?), you can see what kind of substitutes she uses in her individual recipe videos.

Here’s TofuTaylor’s recipe for a smoky spinach and artichoke dip:

And because no Thanksgiving is complete without a hefty helping of mac and cheese, here’s what TofuTaylor described as her best and most-talked about recipe: In this vegan mac and cheese dish, everything is made from scratch — even the vegan cheese.

If you want to ditch the mashed potatoes for something a little less traditional, check out this loaded potato skin recipe, complete with vegan bacon.

What is vegan stuffing made of?

In this vegan dressing (or stuffing) recipe by Sweet Simple Vegan, vegan chef and blogger @consciouschris, who runs the site with his wife, uses vegan buttermilk biscuits for the main ingredient.

“If you’re anything like me, stuffing is your favorite Thanksgiving side,” Chris says in the TikTok breakdown of the recipe. “And I’ve got to say: This is the best stuffing I’ve ever had.”

The same vegan blog also has a recipe for cheesy, dairy-free biscuits that look really similar to Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits.

What can I eat instead of turkey on Thanksgiving?

Sweet Simple Vegan also has a couple of delicious-looking recipes for vegan holiday entrees that aren’t tofurkey, like vegan vegetable wellington and vegan lentil meatloaf.

Other vegan Thanksgiving-worthy recipes from TikTok

Vegan-toker @shortgirltallorder is currently releasing a vegan Thanksgiving series of video recipes, including recipes for vegan mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.

If you don’t like your potatoes mashed or baked, @thissavoryvegan has a video recipe for vegan scalloped potatoes.

And if you have everything else covered but need some good appetizers to keep guests’ hunger at bay, below are vegan appetizer options.

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