Torrey DeVitto’s Tips to Thrive During the Holiday Season as a Vegan

With the 118-day Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike ending amid the holiday season, we caught up with one of our favorite vegan actors, Torrey Devitto. You may recognize her from hit TV shows like Chicago Med, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and Pretty Little Liars—but DeVitto is also well known for her vegan activism. Keep reading to learn DeVitto’s tips to thrive during the holiday season as a vegan.

VegOut (VO): What did you do during the SAG strike to stay busy?

Torrey DeVitto (TD): I have been spending time at my farm with my fiance and all the animals. Not working has also allowed me a lot more family time that I have been taking advantage of. A big one has been spending extra time with my 2 1/2-year-old niece, Iya.

VO: With fall in full swing, what seasonal vegan food and drink products are you loving?

TD: I love vegan chai lattes and pumpkin pie. I could eat an entire vegan pumpkin pie in one sitting.

VO: This Thanksgiving, what vegan dishes do you plan to cook?

TD: I found this delicious vegan corn casserole online about two years ago that has become a staple! I also love making my vegan stuffing and cranberry sauce. My grandma said it’s the best cranberry sauce she has ever had. I’m taking that as my Thanksgiving trophy!

Torrey DeVitto

Photo by Manfred Baumann

VO: Do you have any advice for vegans enjoying a meal with their non-vegan relatives?

TD: Just be casual and have fun with it! The easier you feel to express yourself about what you [are] comfortable eating and what you [aren’t], the easier people feel around you!

VO: What are your must-have vegan fashion picks for the cooler months?

TD: Cozy sweats are a must! Thickly layered overalls for the mornings cleaning the goat stalls are another fall fashion must for me. They might not be for everyone, but for me out here, they’re a big hit! I love a good pair of boots to wear with jeans and scarves. For me, the fall is all about layering and looking cozy while still fashionable.

VO: If you could recommend one cruelty-free product for every vegan to add to their holiday wish list, what would it be? And why?

TD: Elina Organics face products. Because they are so well made and really, really work. I swear by her products!

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