Use Blended Cashews In Place Of Cheese Sauce For Vegan Nachos

We absolutely love a heaping plate of vegan refried lentil nachos. The refried lentils give the nachos a meaty texture — without resorting to actual meat, of course. However, there are plenty of other ways to bring “meatiness” to vegan nachos. We also like to use jackfruit, which is a common meat substitute in a variety of recipes, or shredded tofu, which provides a perfectly spiced topping. Additionally, there are plenty of store-bought meat substitutes that you can turn to, including Impossible or Beyond brands, both of which offer packages of ground “meat” that, once prepared, are great for using to top nachos.

Plus, vegan nachos without any “meat” on them can also be super tasty — it gives you the opportunity to spotlight a bunch of delicious veggies for the toppings. Perhaps you pair the cashew cheese with grilled onion, grilled bell peppers, and roasted corn — along with some jalapeños to top it off. Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to include salsa or guacamole to really bring everything together.

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