Waitress outraged after learning her veggie restaurant uses fish products in dishes

A waitress has been left stunned after discovering the veggie restaurant they work in has been using meat products in many of its dishes, as she asks social media users for their advice on what to do about it

The waitress was stunned to find vegetarian dishes being made with oyster and fish ingredients (stock image)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A waitress has been left outraged after discovering the vegetarian restaurant she works in has been using meat products in many of its dishes. The waitress, who goes by the name of Blaise242 on Reddit, took to the platform to discuss her dilemma. “Full disclosure I am vegetarian, so this does hit close to home for me.”

She continued: “One of the reasons I started this job is because they catered so well to vegetarians and even vegans. They offer tofu options for everything and we serve a large number of vegetarians and vegans. That was actually one of the things that helped me stand out as a waitress because I could help meet dietary restrictions.”

After telling her readers she was trying to improve her skills by learning exactly what went into every dish, she made the discovery that many of the dishes were being made with oyster sauce, containing both oyster and fish ingredients.

The discovery, although shocking, suddenly made sense: “These dishes always mess with my stomach. However, I assumed it was because they are rich or have a lot of oil. But I’m very upset that I was misled and served meat and I’m even more upset that I served it to other vegetarians,” she said, before highlighting that she didn’t think the use of these products was intentional.

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“I once went over to the owners’ house and they know I’m vegetarian. They made me a dip made with imitation crab (they thought because it was imitation it was vegetarian, it’s not). I assumed they messed up because this was a chill environment. But I had confidence that they knew what they were doing in the kitchen.”

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