Anne Hathaway    It was in the Disney comedy "The Princess Diaries" that this American actress made her breakthrough.

Natalie Portman   Natalie has consistently delivered outstanding performances that seem to get better and better as time passes.

Charlize Theron   Beautiful South African-American actress who has advocated for equal rights for women, same-sex marriage, and animals is a strong and powerful woman.

Jessica Chastain   lovely redhead Jessica Chastain has gained popularity in recent years and established herself as a powerful woman (and feminist!) in the unending film industry.

Hilary Swank  The 43-year-old actress has consistently displayed her unquestionable acting talent and hasn't always chosen the expedient route.

Léa Seydoux    In "Blue Is The Warmest Color," which won Léa Seydoux the Palme d'Or, she is as daring as she can be.

Isabelle Huppert   Throughout her astounding 46-year career, this French actress has demonstrated her talent numerous times.

Julianne Moore   Moore is a woman who genuinely seems to believe in what she does and who will do whatever it takes to further the expressional intent and message of a film.