Donald Trump chooses a fight with singer Rihanna because he wants to lose in 2024.

The Super Bowl LVII between the American Football Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football Conference champion Philadelphia Eagles will be broadcast to billions of viewers on Sunday.

It goes without saying that none of that stopped former President Donald Trump from criticising the 34-year-old legend.

 "She would not exist without her "Stylist." Nothing good, and NO TALENT!" Trump responded to Ronny Jackson, his former White House doctor, in a post on Truth Social.

"Rihanna spray sprayed 'F*** Donald Trump' on a car at the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo," Jackson wrote in a forum post on Thursday.

Why does the NFL show off this garbage? Rihanna SHOULD NOT participate at the halftime show!.

 Rihanna, who, for the record, like many other famous people, has a stylist and creative director, is undoubtedly true.

It's inappropriate to bring up the fact that Rihanna dislikes the former president in public.

In addition to being a millennial, Rihanna is a digital native who has used social media in a way that goes well beyond simply posting whatever comes to mind. Her fan base has grown thanks to the platforms.