This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Daytona 500, also known as the Great American Race, and NASCAR's 75th anniversary.

"This is an incredible honour, man," Pastrana says. He's wearing a gray-and-white flannel fire suit with a black hat.

Do Jimmie and Travis get along? A reporter queries the gang. They sigh. It would be awesome.

At age 4, both men learned to ride a dirt bike.

 At Daytona, Pastrana is adored by the media. How does this experience stack up against leaping from an aeroplane without a parachute?

Fans of Johnson have flocked to the track in large numbers, knowing that this may be their last opportunity to see him compete at Daytona.

Pastrana was raised competing in motocross. Lyn-Z, his wife, was a well-known skateboarder. They now proudly root for their daughters Addy, 9, and Bristol, 8

Johnson has won the NASCAR Sprint Cup seven times. Pastrana? Not really.

The only driver to walk the track before qualifying was Pastrana.

He made use of the opportunity to mentally prepare for his first lap by finding visual indications throughout the circuit.