Happy Valentine's Day, the Joker filmmaker wrote beside the photo on his social media accounts. Since her casting was first revealed, the image provides our fir st sneak glance at Gaga in the role.

When Todd Phillips shared a photo of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn from Joker 2, he gave DC fans the best Valentine's Day ever.

 According to the image, Lady Gaga might be luring the Joker in for a kiss in the Joker 2 scene.

It will be intriguing to watch how Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix's friendship is handled in Joker 2.

It has always been highly troublesome how Harley Quinn and the Joker interact. Every iteration of the clown prince of crime's "relationship" with Harley has involved physical abuse and emotional control on the part of the lover.

Harley Quinn, Joker's lovely companion, is the only character who shares a disorder with him.

 Lady Gaga's addition to the franchise not only matches the vibe of Joaquin Phoenix, but also adds to the talent pool.

According to Variety, the actress collaborated with Phillips as a producer on A Star Is Born. Gaga's performance earned her an Oscar nomination, and it's possible that it played a role in her casting.

 Fans are still unsure whether Phillips intends to connect these films to the larger DCEU. With three Batmans, three Jokers, and now two Harley Quinns in the same franchise, it could feel forced.